Four out-of-state hunters were fined for illegally hunting in Colbran, Colo., using poison tipped arrows. When I heard this from Colorado Parks and Wildlife I was FURIOUS! These four men have obviously don't know the meaning of "fair chase"!

Earlier this week CPW arrested four men from South Carolina for violating OUR wildlife!

Not only did they break a variety of wildlife laws, they had to use poisons and toxins to catch their game!


They placed these pods (above) on their arrows which allows these crappy-hunters to take a careless shot and as long as the drug enters the bloodstream they have a kill.

In my opinion using crutches like these to aid you in your hunt not only violates the rules of "fair chase," and it's UNETHICAL!

And if the animal is not shot properly, the poison is a muscle relaxant, it shuts down all the animals muscles including the respiratory system. Imagine dying like that!

These men cheated, and killed two of our state treasures including a black bear & a 5x5 bull elk -- I think that is a considered trophy size.

This is the LOWEST a hunter can go, if I were in charge, the fines would be substantially more. Not to mention seizure of all their equipment.

Between the four men here's the items they were forced to surrender:


The scales don't seem balanced to me, what about you?

Check out what our listeners had to say here:

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