Volunteers working on a clean-up project along the river in Pueblo came across something they never expected to find.

A human body, badly decomposed and in a trash bag was found Tuesday by volunteers cleaning up along the riverbank in Pueblo. The bag was partially hidden by weeds and was found on an embankment that would have made it difficult to spot if someone was just walking by.

At this time, police do not know the identity of the person in the bag, but speculation runs high that it may be the missing body parts of Maria Cuevas-Garcia, who's body had been thrown in a dumpster that was caught on video in 2019.

Due to the heavy decomposition, police are saying it may be days before they are able to figure out an identity.

The area where the bag was found is popular for fishing and hiking along the river but at this time there are no witnesses that have come forward.

The case is ongoing.

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