Mega-superstar actor Hugh Jackman has been spotted in and around Colorado. If he is this close, why not ask to swing by Grand Junction?

Looks to be Telluride. That's not too far.

"Hey, Hugh Jackman? We would love for you to come visit Grand Junction. I am the Morning Guy (they call me Keyes) for one of it's radio stations 99-9 KEKB. If you are in Telluride, it's not that far away. Here is my e mail Drop me a line and maybe we can convince you to stop by."

OMG, it's Wolverine!

Mr, Jackman, here's me on top of our own Natural Wonder. The Colorado National Monument. I'm pretty sure they would let you in for free, although you could probably afford the $10 admission fee.

Keyes Monument1

To get you, Hugh Jackman, to Grand Junction would be awesome. What do you say? We have something in common. We have both flown with the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds. Video is below.

Billy Bob Thorton Visits Grand Junction
Jami Cardile

 BONUS VIDEO: Keyes Flies With the USAF Thunderbirds

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