There are those who love to put a raft on the water and float lazily in the sun, and then there are those who love to put a raft in the water and rush headlong into the rapids.

Which one are you?

Spring means rafting, and this spring, the rafting is going to be even better. With the snowpack at near record levels, the spring runoff will have the rivers flowing fast.

Rafting the rapids can be a white knuckle event, so make sure you talk to a reputable group with guides and tradition, not cousin Ed with the blow-up raft in the back of his Suburban.

There are a number of places to hit the water with experienced rafting crews so let's take a look at a few and get ready for some fun!

Glenwood Canyon

So far, this is the only one this writer has taken, but let me tell you this was a lot of fun. You learn just how good your grip is when the raft is flying over waves, into the churn and out again. Colorado Whitewater Rafting has a great crew and great rafts. Check out Glenwood Canyon Rafting and Colorado Rafting too.

Royal Gorge/Arkansas River

I have heard this is one of the most breathtaking rafting trips you can take and with good reason. If you have ever stood atop the Royal Gorge bridge and looked down you know why. Some serious beauty on this trip, just don't forget to hold on. You can literally spend the whole day rafting. How cool is that? Royal Gorge Rafting has your hookup,or grab the group and check out Performance Tours. If you are looking for a nice easy float with the family, don't forget to get ahold of Echo Canyon.

Roaring Fork River

The top of the river is known as Slaughterhouse. There are some seriously intense rapids here so you know it's going to be one wild ride. If you're not up for that, start further downstream where the water is calmer and you could even kayak if you wanted to. For those upper river enthusiasts, check out Aspen Whitewater Rafting or Blazing Adventures for a great rafting experience.

Remember to take a lot of pictures BEFORE you get in the raft. I'm pretty sure you won't have a lot of time once you hit those rapids.

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