Isn't it ironic that "Hairstyle Appreciation Day" rolls around on April 30, the day before hair salons in Colorado can officially reopen for business? How will Grand Junction celebrate?

Yes, it's true. Every year on April 30 we're asked to observe Hairstyle Appreciation Day. According to Holiday Insights -

Hairstyle Appreciation Day celebrates the uniqueness of all styles of hair. It allows us to express our individuality. Each generation of youth creates its own hairstyles, or come back to the style that was popular years ago. We include among the hairstyles, hair coloring, and shaved heads. After all, no hair is a hairstyle.


Right here, right now, most people I know are sporting hairstyle which would most definitely qualify as "unique." Most people have had a haircut in months. Personally, I'm starting to look like Bozo the Clown. My hair is very thin on top, but thick on the sides. My usual hairstyle involves shaving my sides down to 3/4 of an inch, and slightly longer on top. Right now.... about three inches long on the side, and one inch long on top. It looks funky.

Did you see Keith Urban's Quarantine Cut? This guy has bajillions of dollars, not to mention an entourage of employees. Even at that, his head is looking like a crime scene.

What do you plan to do? Let it keep growing? Dash to your stylist at the earliest possible time? Has the Stay at Home Order changed your entire attitude when it comes to your hairstyle?

I can't complain. This Thursday, April 30, is my 50th birthday. I'll be rolling into this next chapter of life glad to have any hair at all. My lineage is a long line of folic-challenged people. Usually, by age 50, my clan is lucky to have any hair at all.

Be sure to fire up your camera on April 30. This will be one to show the great-grandchildren. It seems April 30, 2020, will be the year where this "holiday" gets observed in an all-new fashion.

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