What's up with KEKB showing up at various locations giving away Country Jam tickets? Why is it you don't hear about these giveaways until they happen? How do you go about winning? It's very simple.

Today, KEKB did another "Ticket Stunt." I was sent out in the field to a top secret location. Nobody, not even the on-air Jock at the time, J.T., knew where I was going.

It seemed as though Colorado Legacy Coffee would be an excellent choice of places to hide. Thirty minutes and a large coffee later, we had a ticket winner.

Yes, it's that simple. Last week my destination was Gelu at 12th and North in Grand Junction. Basically, I climb in the KEKB Hummer and set out for a totally random location. From there, J.T. provides clues as to my whereabouts.

Gelu Grand Junction Country Jam Ticket Stunt

Whereas today's ticket stunt was concerned, his first hint involved mention of the "sweet aroma of coffee." A few songs later, his second hint indicated I was on the west end of town. His third hint mentioned "Independent," the street on which Colorado Legacy is located, along with mention of Sam's Club, the business directly next door. Less than a minute later, the winner came through the door.

Put simply, the first person to arrive at my secret location and finds me is the winner. We're going to keep doing this right up to Country Jam. My location could be a local business, a park, somewhere in the middle of a desert, or somewhere in the middle of a parking lot.

Stay tuned to KEKB, we will be doing these at random up until June 14. It could be any time of day, any one of our jocks, and any location in the valley. You'll never know until we're there. For that matter, we don't know until we head out the door. In any case, the winner receives a pair of 4-day General Admission tickets to Country Jam. Keep your ears open for our next location.

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