Are you ready to lose an hour of your life this Sunday morning when you 'spring forward' for Daylight Saving Time? When this event rolls around each year, do you find yourself dealing with a case of the blues? Don't feel bad, you're not the only one. Daylight Saving Time has a similar effect on everyone. Here's a little info on why this happens, and how to deal with it.

First things first - slow that van down! They're driving like maniacs.

Secondly, if you feel weird after springing forward, here are six tips courtesy of which might help you to readjust.

  • Exercise
  • Nap Wisely
  • Take it easy on the drinky-drinky
  • Digest!
  • Lighten up - open the shades in the morning and let the sun in.
  • Start early - adjust one of your clocks at the beginning of the weekend.

For the gym crowd out there, please plan ahead. Many enjoy catching the Sunday morning Yoga class at the gym. That 8 a.m. class is going to sneak up on you.

Do you recall when Daylight Saving Time began much later in the year? Historically, it began in late April. Do you remember when it ended much later, too? Looking back, Daylight Saving Time ended in late October. Not only are we adjusting our clocks, we're having to adjust our calendars, too.

This Sunday morning, March 12, when 2 a.m. rolls around, move those clocks ahead one hour. To ease into it a little easier, follow the tips above and adjust your clocks earlier in the weekend. If you struggle when springing forward, don't feel bad. Everyone else is in the same boat. A little planning goes a long way.

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