In most circles, the term "dad bod" is not exactly meant as a compliment. However, Thomas Rhett has managed to take the phrase back, showing off just how a dad can put his family-man status to good physical use.

"Taking dad bod to a whole new level," Rhett noted on Instagram Tuesday (March 12)—and showing off just how he does it.

As any parent of a young child knows, pushing a stroller is a full workout in itself. Add pushing a stroller up an incline, and you've got a workout that even a fitness expert like Tim McGraw might consider adding to his repertoire. (Guys—are you taking notes? Rhett might really be on to something here, since it will win points with the moms as well!)

Rhett is working on his next album. Center Point Road, which he says dives into an exploration of how his two young daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James, have impacted his life.

"This is not so much about infants as kids as it is about what my kids have taught me by being babies," he explains. "They have taught me so much even about just being patient and taking life a little bit less serious." On the less serious side, they've also helped him improve his fitness level, apparently!

The first single from Center Point Road is the pop-tinged, woman-hailing "Look What God Gave Her." The album arrives in full on May 31.

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