Recently the Discovery Channel Show "Gold Rush" wrapped up their time in the Colorado Town of Fairplay, and the town is now divided and fighting.

The biggest issue the town is facing is the rezoning that was done to allow for more mining to be performed in the town. Residents are concerned the rezoning will continue, even after the show has left town, with strangers and visitors coming into the town seeking riches.

So let's take that same scenario and bring it to Grand Junction.

Obviously, this town has seen a lot of change from the oil fields. As a result of the employment opportunities, and the increase in pay, many of the once affordable things around Grand Junction are less so.

How much would that change if gold were found here? How many people would suddenly be moving into the area? How much crime would there be?

Would the City Council do the same thing that they did in Fairplay? Would Grand Junction go from a nice easy place to live to one that would be so overcrowded with fortune hunters that living here would become impossible?

Or would we learn from the mistakes of others and keep the mining in areas that would not impact the city as much?

Take our poll and let's see how Grand Junction would handle it.

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