You have got to be kidding me, right?

When confronted with this price list for ONE single Christmas tree, my heart shrank 3 sizes. All the 'holiday' immediately drained out of me. In fact, I may have left a mess on the sidewalk.

$84.95 for a TREE!

But, I will give them this. The descriptions of each kind of tree are quite amazing. 

Honestly, if you know me, then you know that holidays are not really high up on the 'most important things' list. Especially Christmas. I have my own personal and private reasons for not being as jolly as others. It's my deal, that's how I roll.

But, figured this year, the thought was to maybe put up a tree. So, I did some tree searching. This is the first and last place I looked.

I very well could be out of touch and behind the times. When I grew up we went out to the endless woods behind our farm to get our Christmas tree. Free. Now, I realize not everyone can do that. Maybe I got spoiled. But, I have a hard time rationalizing THAT much for a simple, dying tree.




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