I was thin all the way through high school got out of high school gained a lot of weight. I was almost 50 lbs overweight at my heaviest I weighed 157 lbs. It's hard to believe I am only 5 2' and considered that much. I went to the Dr, and he said I had Hypoglycemia, so I cut out all my white sugar, flour, bread mainly all carbs. I lost weight and have maintained my weight for many years.

That is until I quit smoking. After quitting smoking, I packed on 33 lbs. Then I bought some collagen pills used for dieting and was able to lose it. I loved hearing about your weight loss progress. There have been many fad diets over the years that I have tried also. I am thrilled I didn't do anything harmful to my body by dieting. Here is what you had to say about dieting.

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