Did you see a line of people going backstage to meet the artists at this year's Country Jam? How did they win meet + greet passes? Here's how.

Whew, it's over. That was a hectic four days, or five if you count the Campground Kickoff Party on Wednesday. Country Jam 2019 is in the can. For some, it was an event they'll remember forever.

Sometimes it happens at Country Jam; an artist invites concert attendees to come backstage for photos and autographs. Nowadays, they're called meet + greets. How do you get them? You win them!

The crew at KEKB had a ton of fun giving out meet + greet passes and skybox seats. If you're not familiar, skybox seats are those stands you see up on stage at Country Jam. Those seats hard to come by, but that's were KEKB comes in.

Country Jam Colorado 2019 winner
Tracy Rock

We hosted several scavenger hunts via our KEKB Free Mobile App. We hid the KEKB logo at various locations around the grounds at Country Jam, and then sent out an alert. The app push included a photo of the area where we hid the logo. The first person to find the logo and bring it back to us won a pair of meet + greet, or in some cases, skybox seats.

We did this all day during each of the four days of the jam. The group at the top of this post won meet + greets for Luke Bryan. The couple directly below won passes for Sam Hunt.

Sam Hunt Country Jam Meet Greet winners
Waylon Jordan

There is another way to win passes. We placed a registration box at the KEKB tent on vendor row. Each day we drew winners out that box for meet + greet.

During the 99 days leading up to Country Jam, we used that same KEKB Free Mobile App to give away tickets to the Jam. We did the app push every Thursday, calling it "Free Ticket Thursday." We also did a number of "Ticket Stunts" where I would take the KEKB Hummer somewhere and hide. Details as to my whereabouts were given out via the app. The first to find me won tickets.

Country Jam Meet Greet winner
Waylon Jordan

We had a great time at Country Jam 2019, and I hope you did too. I don't mean to sound like a salesman, especially since I couldn't sell something if my life depended on it, but it really does pay to have the KEKB Free Mobile App. To get it, search 999 KEKB at your favorite app store.

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