Western Colorado gets its share of 100 degree days and they certainly can take their toll on not only crops but people.

The human body's normal temperature is roughly 98.6 degrees and the body's normal way of doing things is to shed heat through sweat. But when the temperature exceeds the body's, then it becomes difficult for the body to do that and, in fact, starts taking on heat, because the body can't dissipate it. And when the humidity rises, and more moisture is in the air, it gets even more difficult. And if you are pregnant, elderly, overweight or very young, it can be even harder for you.

The most important thing you can do is to stay hydrated. And while I'm sure you've heard that so much your head wants to explode, it's true. Adding a teaspoon of salt and sugar to the water will help as well. The salt will help your body maintain it's salt level that you lose when you sweat, while the sugar helps transport the salt to where it's needed.

When the heat is as high as it has been here, finding ways to stay cool is of paramount importance. Heat exhaustion or heat stroke are two things that can occur if you don't cool your core down. Air conditioning is helpful of course, as are swimming pools or just cool showers.

Don't go out alone

It's always a good idea to have someone with you, in case one or the other is overcome by the heat. But if you dress well, stay hydrated and take on the salt you're losing in the heat, you should be ok.

Just don't stay out too long in this heat.

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