Over 800 different types of insects can be found in Colorado. From creepy crawly spiders and slimy worms to intricate caterpillars, beautiful butterflies, and even those annoying gnats, the list of bugs living in the Centennial State is swarming with variety.

One interesting Colorado insect fact to share is that a great ladybug migration brings thousands of these red and black insects to the state during certain times of the year.

And Coloradans have especially been noticing what feels like an influx of pesky mosquitoes this summer. This is thanks to the large amount of moisture the state has experienced during the last few months and the standing water left behind from the storms.

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But how buggy is Colorado compared to other places around the country?

Егор Камелев/ Unsplash
Егор Камелев/ Unsplash

While insects are not 100 percent avoidable anywhere you go, some states are known to have way fewer of these tiny creatures than others.

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According to recent research, Colorado is, fortunately, one of the least-buggy states in America. While the article does mention the plethora of mosquitoes that will always be present near standing water, the rest of the Rocky Mountain State is far less insect-infested than other places throughout the country. The most common bug to come across in Colorado is spiders.

Besides Colorado, people looking to live in a less buggy state may want to consider moving to Connecticut, North Dakota, or South Dakota. In general, there are fewer insect encounters in states located in the northern region of America.

Southern states, such as Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi are known for being the buggiest. This is due to high humidity levels during the summertime, coupled with relatively mild winters. Termites, cockroaches, and wasps thrive down south.

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