Let's start with the obvious, Buck Owens' "It's a Monster's Holiday."  There are some great "Halloween" themed Country tunes out there. Let's get in the spirit, cheesy pun intended, and check out some great Country tunes complete with a spooky theme.

I can remember sitting in a 1976 Monte Carlo every Halloween waiting for "It's A Monster's Holiday" to come on the only Country station we had. If you think the tune sounds spooky as it is, you should hear it over AM radio with a car full of blown speakers. Creepy!

Even the folks at Disney like to get in on the action.

Anything by the Charlie Daniels Band is cool, and this song works year round. However, it has a special appeal when Halloween rolls around.

Okay, so this one really isn't a "Halloween" tune, but the title does lend itself well to the holiday, and it's a pretty good song.

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