Which road in Grand Junction is in the WORST shape?

A report from KKCO recently came out talking about road conditions in Grand Junction. A study showed that 76 percent of our roads are considered 'poor to mediocre condition.' That's three out of four. Stunning.

What's even more surprising is the amount of money it costs us. Not to get them fixed, but to just have them in bad shape. According to something called a TRIP report, it is estimated that these road conditions costs each Grand Junction resident roughly $1,264 annually.  If you take into account vehicle damage and depreciation that the roads can inflict, along with the cost of extra fuel used by delays and detours and the money spent on accidents due to these roads, that's a pretty hefty sum. You probably didn't even realize you're spending that extra money.

It looks like either way, these shoddy roads are costing us. Whether we have to pay to get them fixed or pay for the effects of not getting them fixed.

Which Grand Junction road needs to be fixed immediately? Which one do you think is in the worst shape?

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