While every homeowner at one point or other has complaints about working on their house, there is also something gratifying about seeing the jobs get accomplished. It's nice to look back at the work you've done and enjoy your home. Although as I get older it does seem to take longer to accomplish all of the things on my to-do list. Oh well, it was still nice this weekend to have the time to work on some home improvement projects.

Many guys can't admit they don't know something, but I have found it's much easier to admit what you're not great at and ask for help. So, I called a couple of guys to assist with getting my sprinkler system set up for the upcoming warmer months. And to make help swap out swamp cooler pads. It's funny how you forget until you turn on your system how it stinks for the first couple of days.

Then Came Some Landscaping Projects Outdoors

While it was great having some help for a couple of projects, Saturday was all about being outdoors. We took a dump run, then stopped by The Rock Shop here in Grand Junction. The guys at the rock shop helped us find what we need, and we were on our way to move rocks for a couple of hours. While the work wasn't easy, the rock looks so much better than the empty planters that just looked like a mess.

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The Worst Part About Working on Your House

What I have found is the worst part about work on your home is that once you start one project, you notice six other ones you want to work on too. It is a never-ending to-do list. But when you think about it, what a great problem to have.

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