I took a short hike in the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area hoping to see some wild horses. I was not disappointed.

I've been back in the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area, near Cameo, a couple times now and never had the chance to see any of the wild horses that call the area home. I guess I just never went into the canyon far enough.

So this weekend, I decided to pack up the dog, grab some hiking essentials and head to find these not-so-elusive creatures.

As Rocky and I headed up the initial incline leading to the canyon, we ran into a couple that was just hiking out. They informed us there were a few wild horses around the bend.

Excited that my mission was going to pay off, we headed down into the canyon. Not five minutes into our hike, there they were. The couple said there were six horses, but I only saw five. There could have been six, I just didn't see the last one.

The horses didn't seem to mind me shouting at the dog. The dog didn't seem to notice the four giants grazing on the side of the canyon wall.

I watched the mighty steeds for a few minutes before continuing the hike through the canyon.

As we hiked out, the horse remained on their perch without a care in the world what was going on around them.

If you're up for a short drive to the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area, head east --from Grand Junction-- on I-70 to the Cameo exit. Follow the road through the canyon until you reach a parking area on your right. Go through the gate, and follow the trail up the incline. From there you can hike down into the canyon, and hopefully catch a glimpse of these gorgeous creatures.

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