A Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper's recent actions saved the day for a mother and daughter traveling to a Colorado hospital. Here's hoping everyone has the chance to cross paths with someone as selfless as this.

Following an encounter near Wheatland, Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Jaime Wingard used her personal time, personal vehicle, and personal finances, to assist stranded motorists on their way to a Colorado Hospital.

A woman and her handicapped daughter were on their way to Children's Hospital in Denver when their vehicle broke down. Wingard stopped to assist. The mother and daughter said they had help en route, and did not need assistance.

As time passed, the expected help did not arrive. Wingard had left the travelers with her state cell phone number. While off duty, she received a call from the motorists requesting help. On her off-duty time, Wingard drove her own automobile, with her own fuel, and on her own time, to assist. The mother and daughter were transported to their destination at Children's Hospital in Denver.

The last few days have been a little turbulent. It's past time for a little good news. Pass it on.

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