For most of us in Grand Junction, there's no such thing as a "Free Lunch." Why? Because, for our purposes today, Free Lunch refers to an extremely challenging mountain bike trail on Little Park Road. This video footage is probably the only way any of us are ever going to see this trail

You have probably hiked Eagle's Wing and the Tabeguache trails, both of which run near Free Lunch. They are all part of the Lunch Loop trail system between Monument Road and Little Park Road. Most of those trails are shared by hikers, horse back riders, and cyclists.

In the case of Free Lunch, the trail is laced with signage indicating the trail is exclusive to advanced cyclists. The trail is closed to hikers.

Standing at the trail head for Free Lunch you can see the house I grew up in. Despite living literally a few thousand feet from this trail, to date, I've never seen it with my own eyes. This video is probably the only glimpse I'll ever have.

My skills as a mountain biker are novice at best. On occasion, my journeys include a ride or two on some of the nearby trails. Lunch Loop? Out of the question. This drastically exceeds my abilities on a bike.

If you're like me, you're just fine with seeing this trail via video. If you're a cycling enthusiast and love a good challenge, you should probably visit this trail. Special thanks to the cyclist in the video for providing the footage and sparing the rest of us a few broken bones.

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