The last social media craze was the scary clowns. Well, I was waiting to see what was coming next. 

Could this be it? Scary Gingerbread Man sightings!

I saw this crazed, costumed lunatic on North Avenue on Sunday trying to wave and entice innocent Grand Junction residents to turn into his evil lair. He even went so far as to 'offer' food, to lure his victims by promising a 'buffet.'

But, what people don't realize is that the buffet would have been them!

This persons thinking is diabolical. What could be even MORE safe, in the minds and the eyes of children, than a clown? A warm, tasty Gingerbread Man.

So, be warned. It looks like Scary Gingerbread Men sightings will begin to pop up all across the nation and possibly even the world.

Creepy clown in Rifle

OK, if you believed ANY of this, you should be ashamed of yourself. Go to your room right now, without supper. You're grounded.

This is an example of 'people will believe anything' if it's on Facebook or other social media.

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