If you've been to a Colorado burger joint lately, you've probably noticed their prices have increased. In order to compensate for 2018's minimum wage increase, many businesses have raised their prices. There is, however, one item which won't cost more in 2018. All things considered, it may be difficult to give these things away later in 2018.

Rarely does it happen that prices remain constant after a minimum wage hike. This particular item, though, will hold it's price for the 2018 season. What could it be? Dell computers? The Big Mac? The Ford F-150?

The one Colorado item which most definitely won't increase in price in 2018 is....... wait for it......... here it comes....... are you ready????.......... The one item which won't increase in price in 2018 is...... Denver Bronco tickets!

Why? Well, after a 5-11 finish, the worst year of Elway's executive tenure, it's going to be difficult to get anybody to fork over any extra bucks for these things. Most people ended up using the tickets they had to prop up the uneven legs on their furniture.

The Broncos announced Tuesday that they will not raise ticket prices for 2018, marking the second consecutive year in which ticket prices have remained frozen. It seems during Colorado's unremarkable winter, these are the only things in the state which will remain frozen.

In response to the crummy season, Broncos president/CEO Joe Ellis said -

We’ve raised them in good times. When you see the kind of loyalty, commitment and emotions that are fans pour into this team, it’s sort of the least we can do. I saw a few comments that maybe we should have lowered them. Those aren’t necessarily totally out of line, but we’re not able to do that because we’re going to field a competitive team each and every year we hope. It wasn’t too difficult of a decision.” - Joe Ellis

When it comes to price increases, the score is as follows:

Flame Broiled Whopper - 1

Denver  Broncos Tickets - 0

Considering professional football players typically earn better than minimum wage, MUCH better, this is probably not unfair. Nobody's going to complain about having an item hold its price in 2018.

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