Have you ever debated about driving in Colorado because you were uncertain as to whether or not the roads had been plowed? Here's a way to keep up to speed with Colorado snow plows.

Earlier today, the Colorado Department of Transportation sent out a "Thank You" to all snowplow drivers. I would like to echo that. Growing up on Little Park Road in Grand Junction, we depended on snow plows all winter.

Check out this very cool snow plow tracker. The picture on this post was snapped at 10:07 a.m. on Friday, February 7. I had no idea Colorado had this many plows. By my count, there are five running I-70 right now between Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs.

Imagine how handy this could be. Years ago I spent hours on a frontage road just outside of Edwards, wondering when I could get back on I-70. Roads were open, but I was hauling a trailer and had no desire to push my luck. I sat there and watched the Interstate, waiting for the plows to go by. Had I known about this site, I would have simply looked up the nearest snow play, estimated how long before they came by, and gone and had a cup of coffee and fueled my truck.

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This is valuable information. My recommendation would be to keep this link handy. For those of us in Western Colorado, it appears we lucked out for Saturday, but that will change soon. The National Weather Service predicts a 30% chance of snow on Sunday, February 9.

Here's a huge "Thank You" to all the snowplow drivers. Here's another "Thank You" to CDOT for offering this awesome link.

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