Next week, it’s T-minus four months and counting to the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, informally known as the eighth episode in the space fantasy saga, and the first from writer/director Rian Johnson. Kind of crazy to consider it’s already that close; so close you can almost taste it. Can you taste a movie? I guess if they make a Star Wars: The Last Jedi theme menu at Arby’s you can. Otherwise, maybe I’m just getting a little excited.

My excitement will only rise with the unveiling of a whole new batch of images from the film, including two impressive covers, from Entertainment Weekly. Images include new shots of Daisy Ridley’s Rey, Oscar Isaac’s Poe, Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, and John Boyega’s Finn. And the covers give you Rey wielding her lightsaber, and a frankly menacing-looking Mark Hamill in a dark cloak as aging Jedi master Luke Skywalker, described over at EW as a man “overpowered by regret, eager to close the book on his past while living out the rest of his days on an isolated island.”

If you would prefer to see these pictures with your own eyes rather than read my descriptions of them (and I can’t imagine why you would) here they are:

Those images don’t reveal much; most of them are just new shots of characters we already know and love. But here are some new characters: the alien nuns that are in charge of the Jedi temple where Luke’s been hanging out, and Snoke’s Praetorian guard, with ultra-cool all-red armor:

Supposedly there are even more images that will be unveiled throughout the rest of the day and week; we’ll keep updating our post as they come in. Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15.

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