In the past few weeks, we have been gearing up for Spring Cleaning at our house. So far we have about five or six bins filled to the brim with items that will be donated to our local Goodwill store. Clothing, home goods, and other miscellaneous items fill those bins.


The feeling of accomplishment as we declutter is something that I always look forward to every couple of years. My wife and I will also feel really good to know that the unused items will go to someone else that will use them rather than being tossed out on trash day.

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You might be getting ready to start your annual round of Spring Cleaning as well. Which means you might have a few things you would like to donate. There are a couple of items that you cannot simply give to your local thrift store as a donation because they cannot take them.

Here are nine items that you cannot donate to Goodwill stores in Colorado:

Here's 9 Items You Cannot Donate to a Colorado Goodwill Store

Getting started on Spring Cleaning? These items are not accepted as donations at Colorado Goodwill stores.

For more information on the types of items that Goodwill can accept as a donation and to find your nearest donation center, visit Goodwill.

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