When I was growing up I didn't get much money from the Tooth Fairy I did get a toothbrush one time and usually a dime or a quarter. I had a bad experience as a child with a dentist too. My front teeth were not good I ate a lot of candy, so the dentist put some type of black dye on them and then told my mom not to worry as they were going to fall out anyway.

My sister went to the same dentist, and this is before they had those rubber things that they put in your mouth now, so things don't fall down your throat. The dentist dropped a crown however they were able to get it out.

I heard stories about him later in life like he might have gone somewhere for a long time.
I asked some of my friends what the going rate was for a Tooth Fairy and I was amazed that one kid got 20.00. So I put the question out there what is the going rate now for a Tooth Fairy?
This is what you had to say about the Tooth Fairy.

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