Most people love chicken wings, there are tons of rubs and sauces to choose for your wings but almost everyone can agree they are tasty. And as I was scrolling through social media yesterday I saw a question posted on the What's Happening Palisade, Colorado / Palisade Message Board from a guy named Ruben wondering where is the best place to get chicken wings in the Grand Junction or Palisade area?

That is a good question. And it was great to see so many people comment on their suggestion of where to go for the best chicken wings. Most locations mentioned for delicious wings were restaurants which makes sense but there were other suggestions of fast food locations and even a grocery store that makes some fantastic tasting wings.

I'm not sure you're ever going to be able to pick one place for the best wings because everyone has their own favorite wings whether they are more traditional buffalo wings made with hot sauce or dry rub wings or even parmesan flavored wings. But one thing is for sure each of the locations below has wings that are good enough for their customers to brag about them on social media.

Without wasting any more time here are the best places to go around the Western Slope if you're looking for delicious chicken wings.

Best Chicken Wings on Western Slope

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