Children go hungry throughout the day for many reasons, but one church is trying to help ease childhood hunger this summer, find out how you can help!

Kids shouldn't become victims of hunger, but according to the KKCO website in 2010: '14,000 people in Mesa County were on food assistance and many of those are children.'

Many local organizations host after school programs to provide healthy snacks for low income families through the summer and for 10 weeks Orchard Mesa Baptist Church will be handing out lunch bags during the week to children in this area, so they don't go hungry throughout the day.

The good news is Food Bank of the Rockies is paying for the food & the only thing the church needs is volunteers to make this happen!

My Pastor Robert Babcox says,

The more the better, if we get enough volunteers then a person would only have to volunteer once maybe twice during this 10 week period.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please call OMBC at (970) 242-2355, leave a name and number and a member will call you a call back!

Thanks in advance!

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