It seems as though we have a new mascot in the office, but it has no name.

As you can see it's a cute little bugger, but it seems to be nameless, so we thought we would come to you and let you help us name it.

Go ahead and be creative, but no calling it Bob, for example. I mean, seriously, who wants a hedgehog mascot named Bob? Not that there's anything wrong with the name Bob. I thought about calling it Eugene, but no one liked that one, either, so it's all on you!

We want you to be creative! Give it a name we all can enjoy and remember!

Just add your name choice to the comments and we will put together a list and let you pick the one you like the best.

So get your thinking caps on and let's see how creative you can be! And let's give our new mascot a great name!

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