One of our listeners is looking for the person that ran her dog over while her daughter and a friend were watching. Can you help?

This is JoJo. One year ago she was was adopted by Kerry Oliver Alonso at 8 weeks old. Friday she was ran over while her daughter & a friend watched and the driver never even slowed down!

Kerry posted on our Facebook page:

If anyone has any information about the following incident I would like them to contact me.... On Friday May 17 at approx 9 pm someone hit my dog on B Rd behind the fairgrounds while my daughter and her friend watched it happen. The driver never even slowed down. The girls were trying to catch the dog because she was chasing a neighbors cat, it could have easily been a 10 year old child that was hit instead of the dog. Our sweet little JoJo did not survive.


Accidents happen but to callously leave without apologizing is unacceptable.

It's morbid I know. but I have ran over animals large and small and the sad fact is, even if I didn't see it happen you could still feel something had happened. So unless this person was driving a semi, they knew they had ran over something. Especially a dog this size!

If you can help:

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