Here are 8 treat choices for a healthier Halloween. Good luck. You'll probably need it. 

Normally, Halloween and healthy don't go together, but there are some kids that can not have the typical sugar-loaded goodies. Plus, some parents might feel better if there were at least SOME alternatives to the usual fare.

So, I will play the role of 'The Halloween Grinch' in some people's eyes. Mainly the eye's of all the dressed up kids with their readily open trick or treat bags.

From the Huffington Post here are 8 treat choices you can cut down on the sugar and still make the kids smile.

Yogurt-Covered Raisins - You tell your kids that these are candy and they will devour them

Mini Granola Bars - The crunch takes away a little of the candy factor, but my nieces and nephew love these.

Mini Pretzels - I would even allow the chocolate covered ones.

Unpopped Popcorn - I can see the looks on your disappointed children's faces when someone drops popcorn into their bag.

Fruit Leathers - You lost me at the fruit. There is no fruit in Halloween.

Fruit Chews - See above comment.

Craisins - Cover them in chocolate and maybe you'll have a chance.

Apples - SHUDDER!


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