Have you ever had a near death experience? I was reading about the guy who fell in a mineshaft and then killed three snakes while he was at the bottom. He had also broken both of his legs. Where have I hears this before it sure does sound familiar? Like something from a horror movie. This man falling into a mine shaft breaking his legs and then killing three snakes while he was at the bottom is a true story. Luckily he did tell someone where he was going and if he didn't make it back by a certain day to come looking for him. His friend followed through and did find him.

So, do you know anyone who survived a life and death situation? I had been in a rollover accident about 20 years ago, but I did not get hurt. I did almost drown once, but there was a lifeguard on duty thank God. So I would love to hear about your harrowing experience.


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