Have you ever gotten a text message by mistake? Here is a message I received from someone and the conversation that went on between us.
(Anonymous) I'm sorry. I tried to not love you, and I don't think I can do it. I know I'll never get to see you again....but, I think you were the love of my life & it just ended before I had ever hoped. Things changed and it ended. It changed me without a doubt. I've learned but I try my best not to let it make me bitter or hard towards love.

(Me) Is This who I think it is, You can see me, Yes you can see me, I love you still

(Anonymous) I’m so sorry this is the wrong number,
I’m really sorry

(Me) Are you sure, I might love you

(Anonymous) I’m sorry, Lol, I wish you the best & sorry about my mistake.

It was funny and we both laughed. Have you ever received a funny text not meant for you?

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