I love going to garage sales, swap meets, flea markets, and auctions. I used to like to buy and sell. I found original air force posters from the 1940's I found an original Uncle Sam Poster and a sterling silver pendant all for just a few dollars.

When I watch storage wars, I always wonder what it would be like to buy and sell what you find in the storage units.

I read about one guy who bought a storage unit for 500.00, and there was 7.5 million in a bag in a safe. Can you imagine finding that much money? The owner of the storage unit did reach out to the person who bought the storage unit and offered him a million and a half for the storage unit back, which he then sold it back to the original owner.

One time is going through my mother's things I found two original oil paintings worth about 1500 from a famous artist in San Francisco. I am going to keep them and display them at some point. What have you found of value?

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