I'm sure you have heard about the many stories of people getting hurt by wild animals. Here are a few tips to help you be safe while enjoying the great outdoors. Safety should always be on your mind when you are out in uncharted territory.  If you are going someplace familiar make sure you have the proper equipment and someone knows where you are going and where you will be that way if you don't return on time they can call the authorities and can begin looking for you.

Be aware of weather conditions and count on the weather changing be prepared

Never feed wild animals not even squirrels

Be on the lookout for bears if you are in the woods its best to make lots of noise as to not surprise a bear. If you happen to see a bear it is best to back away slowly never try to get in between a mother and her cub go around. You never want to run away from a bear if you see one as bears are fast and can chase after you. For more information on being safe in the wild click here.

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