You're hiking along, enjoying the trail and the changing colors when all of a sudden, you feel something.

Has that ever happened to you? If it has, you may have been hiking one of Colorado's haunted trails. There are quite a few places you can hike that will leave you breathless. Not because the hike is so phenomenal, but because you have been scared half out of your wits. Like these trails.

Stormy Peak Crash Site

In October of 1943, a B-17 was flying to Denver when it inexplicably crashed, killing all eight on board. The plane, or what is left of it, still sits in the Commanche Park Wilderness area where it has been since that tragic accident. People who have visited the area say it feels sad and eerie, as if those on board were still in the area, trying to find a way home.

Old Glendale Stagecoach Station-Penrose

Built in 1861, what remains of the station is rumored to be haunted by the "grey lady", Kathleen Cooper, who waits for her murdered boyfriend still wearing the dress she was to have been married in.

Horsethief Canyon - Fruita

This place got its name because it was where horse thieves would take their stolen horses. While that in itself isn't all that scary, the fact that the spirit of a woman who was trampled to death by stolen horses remains along the trail hoping to find someone to join her is creepy enough to keep me away.

Grand Lake

Have you never heard of a haunted lake before? During a huge battle between Cheyenne and Ute Indian tribes, women and children escaped the battle by boarding rafts and floating out into the lake. As a storm began to grow, they were stuck on the water, unable to get back to land, and died. Their spirits remain to this day, haunting those who visit the Grand Lake.

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