Celebrating 20 years for this local Grand Junction establishment. 

Loki! Loki! Look who's 20.

It was January 1997 when Seth and Dirk Anderson thought of the idea that would become Loki. It was during a hike of Mount Sneffels that the brothers decided to put the dream into motion. Their idea was to have LESS gear that did MORE.

We just want to make unique gear. We don't want to just make what everyone else can make. We want to make it special, we want to make it better. It's all-in-one clothing, all-in-one hats, all-in-one gloves that change their shape, but the idea is that it's less stuff that does more for you.

But what about the name?

'Loki' is the Norse God of Mischief. He is a 'shape-shifter.' Odd choice for an outdoor gear store. But, it looks like something is working to be able to stay open for 20 years.

Where's the cake?