Rule #1 - don't sleep on the treadmill. This is a definite "no-no." Well, we've made it through the wave of New Year's resolution rushes to the gym, and now with warmer weather, the diehards are finding the gym a little less crowded. Perhaps it's time to revisit the basic rules of gym etiquette.

Basically, the rules are very simple. Watch the instructional video, and we'll have a short refresher afterwards.

Here is a short list of common sense items, most of which are posted in every gym.

  • Please re-rack your weights
  • Turn your cell phone off
  • Most certainly do not talk on your cell phone while occupying a machine or bench
  • When in the locker room, towel that junk up... no one wants to look at your genitalia... really.
  • No children running around while you're working out. Leave the kids at home.
  • Do not use the squat rack for bicep curls.
  • It is pretty much impossible to super-set on 15 machines at once. Limit the number of machines you are using at any given time.
  • If someone has their headphones on and are working out, chances are they want to be left alone.
  • No martial arts moves while on the gym floor.
  • Don't bang dumbbells together. It is hard on your wrists, you can cause metal chips to fall in your eye, and it is really hard on the weights.
  • Do not chalk up to lift the little 5 pound pink weights. If you chalk up, get the chalk on your hands, not the floor and walls.