Everybody loves to share memories of Grand Junction's Guyton's Fun Junction, a "place for all the fam-i-ly." That was one of the lines in the famous jingle for the Western Colorado amusement park. Enjoy a look back at a couple of recently uncovered commercials dating back a good 20 years. You'll remember these in an instant.

A few months ago we shared a vintage commercial for Guyton's and people went crazy. Thousands watched the video of old TV spot. With a little luck and quite a bit of digging, two more spots have turned up. The commercial above is from 1995.

The jingle was recorded at Thunder Productions at 29th and North Avenue in Grand Junction. Music was written by Gary R. Smith, and arranged by local composer/arranger Dennis Woodrich. The musicians included local talents:

  • Martin Ellrick on trombone
  • Cherie Slogar on drums
  • Dennis Woodrich on bass
  • Walt Smith on piano
  • Dan Southard on trumpet
  • Paul Schneider on clarinet
  • Vocals for the commercial at top were provided by Jerri Nadine

The commercial below is from 1999. In this case, instead of Jerri Nadine singing the jingle, vocals are provided by the composer, Gary R. Smith.

It's hard to imagine a better jingle for this particular attraction. The jingle, and for that matter the video, really does capture the spirit of Guyton's Fun Junction.

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