Every homeowner has had an unwelcome surprise at some point. For some, it's an air conditioner or furnace that decides to act up. One guy found out that his deck was now home to a huge angry bear who had made a den there.

After doing some research, I found out that this bear incident happened about 5 years ago. I've seen it shared recently by Distinctly Montana. It's a pretty terrifying encounter that could have gone bad quick. Cornering a bear that is giving you warnings that he's stressed does not normally extend your life expectancy.

What was this guy thinking? The bear bluffed him 3 or 4 times and is visibly disturbed. He's cornered and did I mention that he's really large AND HE'S A BEAR.

To add insult to potential life-threatening injury, he proceeds to follow the bear around the house after he leaves the deck area. There's nothing between him and the bear except air and that bear could have ripped him to shreds in a heartbeat (or lack thereof).

The bear shows his displeasure by...um...relieving himself next to the guy's house. That's better than what could have happened if the bear had decided to really let the guy have it.

I understand that the guy is unhappy having a mammoth predator making himself at home under his deck, but a call to game and fish should have happened instead of trying to relocate the animal himself.

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