For the second time in a month, Fort Morgan meat processor Cargill Meat Solutions is having beef recalled due to E-coli contamination.

It was identified during an August investigation that began because of an E-coli outbreak that killed one person and left 17 others hospitalized.

The company is recalling over 132,000 pounds of ground beef and ground beef products that may have been affected. They are telling people to look for the label EST.86R and are being instructed to either throw them away or return them to the store they purchased it from.

The concern they have, however, is that people may have taken the beef from its packaging and frozen it, in which case the consumer will have no way to identify if the beef was from that batch.

If you are unsure, keep in mind this is from an August batch, so if you purchased it before August, or recently, you may be ok. Contact the store you purchased the meat from and ask if it may be part of the Cargill recall.

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