‘Just married’ has met just plain stupid.

In the bumpiest set of nuptials to hit the ground running since Kim Kardashian exchanged vows with Kris Humphries, a German man accidentally left his new bride at a gas station and didn’t realize his boo-boo for several hours.

It seems the newlyweds were driving home from their honeymoon when they pulled into a gas station to fill their van’s tank. The woman had been sleeping in the back, but hopped out to use the bathroom without her hubby realizing it, so, in true sitcom fashion, he simply drove away, stranding the little missus.

After about two-and-a-half hours of total bliss silence, the man finally realized his wife was nowhere to be seen. He called police, who quickly tracked down the woman. She was safe and waiting for her husband to turn around and pick her up, at which point they probably had their first fight as a married couple.


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