People are counting down to April 20, 2016, when they'll be able to witness the "Green Moon," a phenomenon which occurs only once every 420 years, or does it?

The theory is as follows: On April 20, 2016, certain planets will align, causing Earth's moon to appear green for a period of 90 minutes.

You won't be able to see it from Grand Junction, or for that matter anywhere but your own mind's eye, because.... it doesn't exist. Crunch the numbers:

  • April 20 = 4/20
  • Every 420 years = 420

You'll notice the repeated occurrence of the number 420. Of course, this number denotes the universal code for marijuana.

This entire astronomical scam has more to do with students attending San Rafael High School back in 1971 than it does with any legitimate lunar phenomenon.

In any event, no one is saying you can't stare at the moon on April 20 and watch it turn green. All anyone is saying is if you want to see a green moon, you'll have to go back to the origins of this joke.

Don't waste your time standing in your front yard on April 20 to see the Green Moon. You can see that anytime in Colorado.

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