Granger Smith and his wife thought long and hard about adding another mouth to feed to their family. And then they just said, "Screw it."

The "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" singer surprised his kids with a new puppy that the family has since named Luna Joy. Amber shared the details about how it all came to be on her Instagram page, but Smith's explanation gets to the point.

"Some days you’re calm, collected, calculated, cautious," he writes. "Other days, you say- screw it, let’s bring a new puppy home."

London and Lincoln join Amber and Granger Smith at their recently purchased farm property. It's there where they're living in an RV while building a new house, having moved twice since the death of their youngest son River in 2019.

Smith's wife recounts how an acquaintance asked the family to adopt a puppy two years ago, but they said no. "Cut to this month," Amber writes. "We had discussed getting a new puppy. We live in a barn and if we were gonna do it, now was the time. We can get her house trained before the house is built. I messaged him and said, 'ok, I think it’s time.'"

Work brought Granger out of state, but close to the kennel that housed the German short-haired puppies. So he stopped by and picked one up for the surprise. You can see video of the new dog at the end of Amber Smith's Instagram gallery.

"Luna Joy is the puppy we didn’t know we needed," she writes. "She’s a mess and it's like having a newborn again, up at night and chewing and into everything, but she’s bringing so much joy to our family."

Find "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads" on Smith's new album, Country Things, Vol. 1. The album will be released this weekend and include a collaboration with Earl Dibbles Jr. and two songs written by members of Florida Georgia Line.

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