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Are you ready to escape? Check out this little getaway just outside of Cedaredge, Colorado. Have you ever been to Kiser Creek Cabins?

Back in July 2020 I paid a visit to this retreat on the Grand Mesa. Until then, I had never heard of the place. As it turns out, this venue is amazing. That was back in July. I have a friend visiting the cabins right now (January 29), and the place is even more spectacular in the winter.

You'll find the cabins only 64.5 miles from Grand Junction, assuming you take the route to Delta and Cedaredge. The cabins are just over ten miles north of Cedaredge. Oddly, I spent all day at the cabins before realizing we were only a few miles from the visitors center on Grand Mesa. You can travel that route, too. Take I-70 and turn off on the Grand Mesa and head to the visitors center and then down to the cabins.

Kiser Creek Cabins Winter 1
Greg Achord

I spoke to the owner, and according to him, to rent a cabin at that time was $75 a night. These cabins are excellent. For that matter, you can get the entire compound for the weekend for roughly $2,000.00.

In addition to the awesome facilities and surroundings, the cabins (at least some of them) are dog friendly.

Kiser Creek Cabins Winter 3
Greg Achord

A friend who was with me back in July enjoyed Kiser Creek Cabins so much he and his wife decided to visit again. This time, though, they wanted to visit during the snowy months.

Kiser Creek Cabins Winter 4
Greg Achord

Make a point to visit Kiser Creek Cabins, summer or winter. The drive from Grand Junction is roughly an hour and fifteen minutes. You'll love the scenery and the fresh air. Between the ease in getting there and the affordable rates, not to mention the isolation, this might be just the getaway you've been looking for.

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