After the year we have had social distancing and being advised to stay home to stay safe. I'm more excited than ever before to find out there is a brand new arcade and cafe that will be added to Grand Junction's Mesa Mall.

The new location will be called The Dugout Arcade and Cafe and as a sports fan, I can't wait for this new business to open. Even better news that we are less than two weeks away from their doors opening. With posts made on their social media pages, it looks like the official grand opening date for The Dugout Arcade and Cafe will be Friday, March 5th.

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Their location will be in the old Chuck E. Cheese building at 2424 US Hwy. 6 and 50. After losing Chuck E. Cheese and now Spin City closing down this really is the perfect time to open an arcade in Grand Junction as kids and parents alike are going to be looking for things to do.

The Dugout Arcade and Cafe will offer American cuisine and a chance to win prizes on their nearly five dozen arcade games. And with a name like The Dugout Arcade and Cafe, I cannot wait to see the building decor and the video games picked for a location like this.

While I haven't been inside Grand Junction's newest arcade and cafe yet, I cannot wait to check it out. It sounds like a perfect place to take family when they come to visit. It sounds like the owners of this new establishment have really hit a home run!

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