For the kid in all of us, this weekend lets us go back and enjoy the kid things we don't get to enjoy anymore.

It's the Lions Club Parade and Carnival on Saturday and we all get to enjoy the fun these guys create year after year. Started in 1929 as a way to raise funds, the Carnival and Parade have been a great way for the Downtown Lions to raise money for the programs and people they help year after year.

Grand Junction's Lions Club Carnival This Weekend
(Zane Mathews)

What sorts of things have they done, though? For starters, the River Trail system was an idea put forth by the Lions in 1987 and look at it today. What about the Western Colorado Center for the Arts? $100,000 of seed money helped make that project possible. The seed money came from the Lions. Or maybe Hope West, an organization that can thank the Lions for their donations in the capital campaign that made it possible to complete the project and offer palliative care to those who truly need it. Or maybe it's the Two River's Convention Center that may not have been built without the help of the Lion's.

So how can you help these wonderful people? By coming out to the parade and carnival and having more fun than you thought you would, that's how.

The parade starts on Main at 1 PM, and ,of course, that will be a lot of fun. And don;t forget to get over to the carnival at Two Rivers Convention Center at 5:00. Jump houses, face painting, a photo booth and a lot more will be out there waiting to serve up a lot of laughs and great times.

So if you have never been to either event, take it from one who knows. You won't find a better time to be had anywhere on the Western Slope like you will at the Lions Club Parade and Carnival.

See you there!


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