Have you met the Marvins? Bruce and Tanya, Grand Junction's famous dancing couple, were in rare form last weekend. Perhaps you spotted them at last Friday night's dance.

Bruce and Tanya Marvin have dazzled audiences for years with their wicked dance moves. In addition to their incredible technique, the Marvins are very eclectic dancers. You'll see them dancing to everything from Big Band to Hip Hop.
The couple was spotted last Friday night at the weekly dance at the Grand Junction Moose Lodge. If you haven't been to the Moose Lodge lately you should swing by; it's the best dance floor in the valley. The Marvins took full advantage of the dance floor and live music.

The videos below consist of old footage. I regret I couldn't get a new video last Friday night. I was playing in the band, and couldn't break away to get video.

The evening's music featured the band Rock N' Swing. The five-piece dance band was accompanied for a few tunes by Grand Junction's Larry Cappetto. Last week was the anniversary of "the day the music died," the day of the plane crash that claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper. In honor of the day, Larry performed impromptu renditions of two Buddy Holly tunes.

Believe it or not, Bruce and Tanya haven't always been into dance. The Marvins didn't even begin dancing until after their children were grown and out of the house.

According to Tanya, the idea to take up dancing was her idea. Originally, Bruce was not interested. Ultimately, though, he realized letting Tanya go it alone was probably not a good idea.

I couldn't turn her loose on this town alone. I couldn't afford the bail money." - Bruce Marvin

The next time you are out and about, keep your eyes open for the Marvins. They're the nicest people on the planet, and everybody loves them. They're fun to watch, and you might even pick up some killer dance moves.

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