The mid-summer concert event everyone has been talking about it coming up Saturday. What exactly is Grand Junction's "Toe Jam," where is it, and have you seen it lately?

Toe Jam 2018, the concert event of the season features several regional acts. You can't buy tickets, and it's not open to the public. Then again, it's not exactly a private event, either. It just kind of.... happens. You never know when or where.

Toe Jam 2018 is essentially a small concert event held every year about this time. Kids are back in school, college students are about to head back to class, and parents need a drink.

Simply speaking, Toe Jam is an outdoor event featuring a handful of Grand Junction area bands. They get together and play to a handful of people who are "in the know" about the event. When it's all said and done, people enjoy an afternoon of live music, barbecue, and an adult beverage or two.

Toe Jam 2011
Waylon Jordan

Wow! Look at that capacity crown. Where will you find this awesome event? Well, that's just it. If you're not in the know then you probably won't be able to attend. It's kind of an "invitation only" event. If you're out and about Saturday and you hear music emanating from out of nowhere, that's Toe Jam 2018!

Who's performing this year? The Toe Jam 2018 lineup includes:

  • Lisa Lingo
  • Various members of The Instagators
  • Desert Flyer Band
  • Various performers from Grand Junction Senior Theater
  • ... and a handful of local artists you've never heard of.

Don't get your tickets now! There aren't any to get. If you're on the list, then we'll see you at the secret location this Saturday. If not, well.... sorry. It's ultimately an overblown barbecue. Having said that, though, it is a fun event many people look forward to each year. Ask around. You may know someone who can get you in.

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