Because of the passing of a bill in Colorado that bans the use of Native American imagery in mascots, Grand Junction's Central High School will soon be changing theirs.

Grand Junction's Central High School students have been known as 'The Warriors' for over 75 years; a mascot that depicts a Native American man with feathers in his hair that is known by the name Tawasi.

When asked why the mascot's figurehead is referred to as such, Central High School principal Lanc Sellden said simply, "I have absolutely no idea where that came from."

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However, after over three-quarters of a century, the high school will be retiring Tawasi as its mascot primarily due to a bill that was recently passed in Colorado that bans Native American imagery from mascots. In fact, any institution that does not follow the new guidelines faces a fine of $25,000 per month until they comply.

Regardless of the upcoming change, Central High School students will still be known as 'The Warriors,' but will adopt new imagery to go along with the mascot. Some ideas that have been tossed around have been to change the image to a member of the armed forces, a Viking, a Spartan, or even simply a set of armor that a 'warrior' might use.

When asked about the transition, principal Sellden had this to say:

What I love is that some of the ideas that have come out from just opening it up to people have been super interesting and very different.

He also added that the transition "doesn't happen overnight" and will take some time to finalize.


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